Evolve Skateboards

About This Project

Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT Series Launch


Evolve Skateboards set their sights on unveiling the highly anticipated Carbon GT series skateboard with a groundbreaking online marketing campaign aimed at igniting excitement and driving pre-sales upon launch.


The Challenge


Charged with creating a buzz within their target audience, the challenge was clear: to craft a strategic campaign that would generate anticipation for the Carbon GT series, ultimately translating into a surge of pre-orders upon release.


My Involvement


Fotomedia, who I was working for on this project had cultivated a longstanding partnership with Evolve Skateboards. I assumed a pivotal role in spearheading this transformative campaign. Drawing on my expertise in strategy development and creative direction, I collaborated closely with the Evolve Skateboards marketing team to craft a multi-faceted strategy that would captivate audiences and build momentum leading up to the launch.


The Creative Solution


Embracing a phased approach, I devised a strategy to tease the new product over several weeks, strategically releasing snippets of information through various channels, including EDMs, social media posts, photographs, videos as well as OOH. Leading a talented creative team, I orchestrated the execution of this strategy, overseeing video production, photography, design and digital solutions to ensure seamless implementation.




The impact of the campaign was nothing short of extraordinary. The online buzz surrounding the Carbon GT series reached unprecedented levels, sparking lively interactions between Evolve and their customers and fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts. Our series of captivating Instagram and Facebook videos, coupled with a dynamic product photoshoot, generated immense excitement and anticipation for the launch.


On launch day, the results spoke for themselves. Evolve Skateboards shattered expectations, surpassing $1 million in sales within a single day, with pre-orders pouring in at an astonishing rate. The campaign’s resounding success not only exceeded Evolve Skateboards’ sales targets but also earned accolades, including awards at the Brisbane Advertising and Design Awards (BADC) as well as a Gold Award at the International Davey Awards.


My Role


As the strategist, producer, production manager, and creative director for this project, I played a central role in every aspect of its conception and execution, ensuring its seamless alignment with Evolve Skateboards’ objectives and delivering outstanding results that surpassed all expectations.

Advertising Creative, Creative Direction, Design, Marketing, Project Management, Strategy