About This Project

At Ravel, I spearheaded the successful pitch and acquisition of Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) as a strategic client, entrusted with their comprehensive rebranding and communication initiatives.

QAAFI sought a creative partner to revitalise their visual identity and produce a diverse range of video, digital, and print communication materials. Leading the charge, I secured the account and embarked on a journey to redefine their brand narrative.

Tasked with refreshing QAAFI’s visual identity, I navigated the intricate landscape of a government-university-funded organisation, meticulously addressing various branding nuances and applications. My responsibilities encompassed both adept account management and the strategic development of creative and communication initiatives as well as production management of the projects.

Central to our collaboration was the evolution of QAAFI’s logo and brand style guide, laying the foundation for a cohesive and impactful visual identity. Through a harmonious blend of creativity and strategic foresight, we delivered a comprehensive suite of deliverables tailored to meet their unique requirements.


Our partnership extended beyond mere rebranding, as we crafted a compelling array of videos tailored for promotional and corporate usage, alongside a diverse range of print and digital collateral. The success of our endeavours resulted in an extended arrangement, with QAAFI recommending our services to other research centres.

This ripple effect led to engagements encompassing a spectrum of creative, strategic, digital, marketing, design, branding, and video projects, further solidifying our position as trusted partners in driving impactful brand transformations.

Account Management, Advertising Creative, Branding, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Design, Strategy