Queensland X-Ray

About This Project

During my tenure at Ravel, I spearheaded the successful acquisition and retention of Queensland X-Ray as a valued client for our comprehensive marketing, creative, and advertising agency services, maintaining this partnership for over five years.


Queensland X-Ray, a prominent radiology enterprise in Queensland boasting over 50 locations, entrusted me with the management of their account, alongside my dual role in Art Direction and Strategy services.


One standout initiative was one of the innovative out-of-home (OOH) campaign, spanning buses, trains, cars, trams, billboards, and bus stops. Leveraging the concept of x-rayed individuals in dynamic poses within transport settings or adjacent to Queensland X-Ray facilities, we aimed to disrupt the conventional medical imaging marketing landscape. This imaginative approach not only captivated audiences but also significantly elevated brand awareness and customer engagement, earning accolades such as a prestigious Brisbane Advertising and Design Award (BADC) and Gold Coast Media Award.


Beyond campaigns, our collaboration extended to comprehensive marketing support, including the design and production of quarterly staff and patient magazines, diverse marketing collateral such as flyers, banners, and signage, as well as innovative recruitment and educational video campaigns. Notably, our animated patient videos and educational series tailored for children played a pivotal role in demystifying complex procedures and fostering patient trust and understanding.


Client Testimonial:

“Ravel consistently delivered high-quality, creative solutions tailored to our unique needs. Their proactive account management ensured seamless collaboration, making them an invaluable partner across our creative, digital, and marketing endeavors.”

Sarah Coffey – Marketing Manager
Queensland X-Ray

Account Management, Advertising Creative, Branding, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Design, Marketing, Strategy